Privacy Policy

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information is a collection of individual information such as name, date of birth, sex, phone number, email address, occupation, and work address which can be used to identify individual.

Personal information collection and usage

Our company will only collect and use customers’ Personal information within collection purpose as it stated.
If the Personal information is voluntarily provided by customer, we will only use the information with customer’s permission in accordance to company rules.

  • It is essential to have customer’s Personal information for us to provide goods and services to customer.
  • Information that can benefit customer, such as new services will be provided to individual customer.
  • Our company will collect business related information such as enquiries, confirmation, and service feedback.
  • Our company will be responsive to all enquiries.

Personal information disclosure to third party

Our company will not provide personal information to third party without customer’s permission unless under below circumstances.

  • Disclosure to government body in accordance to law.
  • Disclosure business related third party for the purpose of providing goods and services to customer.
  • Disclosure with customer’s permission.
  • Disclosure with emergency when it is difficult to have customer’s permission.

Personal Information safety management

Our company will do what is necessary to safeguard personal information date to prevent personal information from leaking, destroying, damaging.

Data information confirmation, change, delete

Our company will confirm, change, and delete personal information when customer is confirming his or her identity when it is practicable and reasonable.


Customer personal information collection from our company webpage is SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) encrypted.